Easy Reclaimed Wood Look: Stikwood

I love the look of reclaimed wood – it can add such character to any home.  I was just recently oohing and ahhing over this dining room ceiling:

dining room

Via Pure Style Home

…And wondering to myself, “how could I EVER afford that?”

Well!  Guess what!  We don’t need to hire a contractor or hunt for reclaimed wood from some abandoned farmhouse…  there is an easier way, and it’s called Stikwood.



Stikwood is a super thin “reclaimed wood” self-adhesive panel that you can use on walls or furniture.

chevron bedroom



I love it when I stumble across a product that I can give “the three thumbs up”:  Stikwood is 1) inexpensive, 2) easy to implement, and 3) makes a huge design impact.


living room



As you can imagine, DIYers have gone completely nutso with this stuff.  I see a lot of accent walls getting the Stikwood treatment:


white weathered stikwood



kids room



But there are so many other ways to use it.   I love the “headboard” idea:




And how AMAZING would it be to put it on your kitchen island?!

kitchen island


This person performed the ultimate IKEA hack and put Stikwood on their dresser:








Apparently the East Coast is going to be snowed in for the next few days.  I’m thinking maybe I should use this time to Stikwood my basement sitting room…

deer head 4


You can see all the different colors, see more great ideas and learn more about Stikwood here.


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The Genius in Swapping Out Knobs

Ready to hear one of the easiest and cheapest decorating secrets I’ve ever come across?   It is simply this:  as often as you can, swap out boring knobs for something really special.

This is the TV console in our family room. Both my husband and I can’t STAND it.  It’s been with us forever, and it’s just so boring!


Getting a new one is just not in the cards right now.

But look how sneaky I was by swapping out those knobs.




Now we have just a smidgen of mid-century modern edge.

I want to use those brass pulls everywhere – they are so chic!  and so cheap!  I bought them at Anthropologie – perhaps the best place on Planet Earth to find interesting and design-forward knobs and pulls.  You can go back often because they are almost constantly changing up their inventory.


Okay, raise your hand if you have an el-cheapo run-of-the-mill dresser like I do.  I think this thing is made of particle board.

Again, a new piece of furniture is not going to happen.  So I did the next best thing and got rid of the standard-issue pewter knobs:

dresser post knob 2


Bye bye boring pewter knobs, hello gorgeous glass globes!bristol knob

This is the Bristol from Rejuvenation – you can select the base in a number of different finishes like polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.  I’ve also seen it used in bathrooms to beautiful effect.

Rejuvenation is also a great resource for hardware – their thing is historical accuracy and “period authenticity”, so you’re not going to find ceramic cheetahs or rhinestones. Just straight-forward good quality hardware.


dresser post knob

My dresser is just a little snazzier.


Okay, my final example.  My entry console!

You’d never guess that I found this console in the clearance aisle at Home Goods, right?


I found those gorgeous knobs from Anthropologie.  They carried them for literally two weeks before they sold out!

But the beauty of Anthropologie is that they are constantly bringing in new inventory.  If you’re going to do a knob purchase now and you want something similar to what I have above, I think this knob could give you the same, glamorous effect, or this one.


orange console

Why yes, that IS me in HGTV magazine…  


Here’s my knob resource round-up:

Anthropologie – awesome for trendy, design-forward, inventive knobs and pulls.

Rejuvenation – great for straight-forward “period authentic” hardware.

– I think Etsy is one of the best!  Such original stuff there.  Can you imagine these knobs on a black lacquered console table?  I die!

– For high-end designer finds I love Liz’s Antique Hardware (I’ve long had my eye on this amazing brass ring pull), and also Nest Studio (I’d love to see this one in a newly renovated kitchen).

– I used to love Land of Nod for knobs (you don’t need to be a kid to use them!), but for some reason their inventory looks less than stellar at the moment.  You may want to check anyway, because they may have plans for good stuff going forward.

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How Can I make Accessories Pop? New Lazy DIY Video

I’m excited to share with you the latest in my Lazy DIY video series – today, I show you how to create really spectacular accessories – all you need is a “boring” object, 20 minutes, and can of spray paint.

What do I mean by “boring” object?  Think plain white ceramic bowls, a dark metal orb, or even rocks!

metal orb

Dark Metal Orb

“How to Make Accessories Pop”















I used this particular spray paint by the way:



Krylon Metallic Gold


I liked it just fine, and Rustoleum products work well too!   After you’re done, place your gorgeous accessories on your coffee table, a book shelf or a mantel.  Just this little element can start to transform a room.  Good luck!  Let me know if you have any questions!


Click HERE to see more awesome Lazy DIY tutorials.  

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Out with the Old! 3 Clutter Busters You Can Do Right Now

Hey everyone – happy 2015!  We are just now getting back into the routine of daily life after nearly two weeks of holiday traveling and merriment.

It was great – family fun, cousin togetherness which warms my heart – but coming back to reality last weekend was so overwhelming.  The laundry, the mail, toys and junk just EVERYWHERE.   I started to cry just looking around me.  Where do I even START?

So the day after we got back, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just spent a few hours clutter-busting.  It made me feel so much better!

I implemented some really simple, easy solutions. Are you ready?

#1.  I cleaned out a drawer.


Okay, I never promised rocket science.  But this was one really simple solution I came across over the holidays and it really resonated.

All you have to do is pick ONE DRAWER.  Just one!

Empty it out.  Throw out anything you don’t need and put everything else back in its rightful place.

I picked my kitchen desk drawer:



I had these small drawer containers just waiting to be used and they were perfect.  You can find them here.



This took me less than 15 minutes and I felt like a hero afterwards.  Why just one drawer?  I think because it’s manageable.  You can spend 20 minutes TONIGHT on one drawer.  Then next week, try another drawer.


#2.  I pre-sorted my “donate” clothing.


In the two weeks we were gone my 2-year-old and 4-year-old each went up a clothing size!  Well, they were probably already on their way before that, but I was in denial.

For several months before this, every time I had to get rid of something I’d just stick it in the hall closet.  I thought to myself “oh some day I’ll organize all of this and then I will donate it!”  And instead, this crazy huge pile had grown in my hall closet and every time I glanced at it I wanted to scream.





So I bought these plastic bins from Target.

And I just threw girl clothes in the “girl bin” and boy clothes in the “boy bin”.  And the third bin is called “Other stuff”.

So from now on, everything will be pre-sorted.  When I’m ready to send boy clothes to my friend Laura or girl clothes to my SIL Lindsay, I can do it quickly, and I won’t have to sort through 800 articles of clothing.




#3.  I put “Like” with “Like”


I hired a wonderful organizer from a Living Social deal a while back, and one amazing piece of wisdom she shared with me was, “just put LIKE with LIKE”.

I decided to use our coat closet as my guinea pig, which is overrun with stuff and gives me a panic attack every time I open it.



I mean, there are no words.

So all I did was take the umbrella and put it with all the other umbrellas in ONE PLACE.  I took that backpack and hung it on a hook with all the other backpacks.  Even my scarves!  I took each scarf and hung them on ONE HOOK.  See?  Like with Like.



What a relief to open that closet door and just KNOW where everything is.  The scarves go on THIS hook.  Period.  Kids’ coats are on THIS hook.  Bam!

So the moral of the story is…


Like goes with Like.  You need to buy a few plastic bins.  Pre-sorting will save you mucho time in the future!


But the real message is this.  If you feel overwhelmed by your stuff and your home around you, don’t despair.  Simple changes that take 20 minutes can totally transform the way you feel about your life.  I’m living proof of that.  :)


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