Reclaimed Wood End Table: High & Low Lessons Learned

So if you’ve read this blog before you already know that I’m passionate about making decorating user-friendly.  I love design that is accessible to all of us and I love a good deal.  My life’s mantra might as well be “why pay $600 when you can pay $30?!”

This is why I’m kicking myself.

A while back, my husband and I purchased a reclaimed wood table from a dealer, and put it in our family room.  Here it is:

Family Room

Family Room


It’s actually petrified wood!  You can’t even tell how cool it is and it cost a fortune.

Here it is, hiding in the shadow of our sofa:

Lorri Elder Dyner, multiple projects


I’m kicking myself now because I really could have found something that made a real impact and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

I didn’t take my own advice – find something equally stunning for a fraction of the price.


I’ve recently stumbled upon two reclaimed wood end tables (also known as “live edge” wood tables) that are visually beautiful and that don’t break the bank.

So you don’t have to go through the same madness I did, dear Reader, I’m telling you about them today.


Here’s the first, a lovely reclaimed wood look from Room & Board for about $400:


room and board end table

The Allard End Table, Via Room & Board, ~ $400



And the second, the most amazing little reclaimed wood side table from Pigment:albion slice final

Albion Burl Slice Table, Via Pigment, ~$140

Yes, you read that correctly.  That side table is less than $150!!!  I know, I can’t believe it either.

So there you have it, two beautiful reclaimed wood / live-edge end tables for under $500.   You are welcome!  And let’s just say I learned my lesson.  :)

By the way, I was in Atlanta last week at the annual Interior Design Bloggers Conference. Wow, what an eye-opening few days!  I was able to meet some of the best in the business, learn a ton about being a decorator AND a blogger, and make new friends.




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It’s a Chiang Mai Party (My Favorite Pillow Pattern)

Despite my best efforts, I can’t shake my love for Chiang Mai, the magical fabric pattern by F. Schumacher:

chiang mai


Love the Chinoiserie feel, the pops of color.  It’s just perfection in a pillow.

As soon as I could, I used it in my own home:



I tend to yammer away to anyone I can get my hands on about design trends I love – the Chiang Mai pattern is no exception!

Before I knew it, the enthusiasm started spreading…

You may remember I did a little “master bedroom perk up” for Emily in San Francisco:



And not too far away in the Bay Area, I told Katherine about Chiang Mai and she opted for the ivory background in her family room.  So pretty, and check out the bamboo shades behind the sofa.  I always say you can’t go wrong with a bamboo shade…!



Before I knew it, Chiang Mai had swept nation – my friend Megan in New York decided she had to have a little Chiang Mai in her own life.  She used it in her master.  How fabulous is that wallpaper?!





My friend and sometimes client Jessica in New York also agreed to a little Chiang Mai flavor.  She bucked the trend by opting for the beautiful Mocha background in her living room. Love that pop of orange behind!




Even Texans had to get in on the action!  My preschool friend (yes, she is literally my friend from preschool!) Alexa decided to integrate Chiang Mai in her Dallas living room after I had told her about it, and she picked up on the red and green colors which I thought was fun and different:



I guess the moral of the story is if you love something, chances are someone else might love it too.  So you might as well shout it from the rooftops!

The other lesson here is that Chiang Mai rocks, and it doesn’t get old.  It’s a beautiful pattern that keeps on giving.


kiddo in chair



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How to Combine Throw Pillows: The Rule of 3

My friend Casey requested that I write a blog post about throw pillows.  She basically asked me, “How the heck am I supposed to know which patterns go with what?”

She’s not alone.  I actually hear this pretty often.  It makes perfect sense – if you’re not naturally talented at decorating, how are you supposed to know what patterns look best together?


caitlin wilson pillows

Via Caitlin Wilson Textiles. (Do these even go together…?!)

I’m happy to report that picking matching throw pillows doesn’t have to be a big mystery.  Just like styling a bookshelf or a hallway console table, there is literally a formula for success.

For those of us who really feel lost, I’ve devised a 3-step foolproof method for choosing throw pillows that match:

1)  Choose a “Lead Pattern”

2) Choose a stripe or dot

3) Choose a solid

pillow formula


That’s it!  Okay, let’s see this formula in action.

Here’s a first great example:


hothouse collage

                                  1.  Hot House Flowers via Etsy      /        2.  Jonathan Adler Navy Chevron Stripe via Etsy        /      3.   Silk Linen Pillow in Rose via West Elm


The first pillow is a large floral pattern called “Hot House Flowers” by Schumacher.  I call it a “lead pattern” because it’s BIG.  And it has multiple colors.

The second pattern is a blue chevron stripe.  For your second pillow, all you need to do is pick a color that you like from your “lead pattern” and then pick a stripe or a dot in that one color.

The third pillow is a solid I found at West Elm.  For your third pillow, pick another color from your lead pattern and find a solid pillow in that shade.  This one is a fabulous textured linen, but you can also go velvet which is really in right now.


Ready for another example of the 3-step formula?  Here it is:


mineral hothouse collage

           1.  Hot House in Mineral from Etsy        /        2. Betwixt in Stone from Etsy          /            3.  Cream Linen pillow, with Jute Braid, from Pottery Bar

You’ve got your lead pattern to start (it’s big! it has a few colors!); you have your “dots” in a color taken from the lead pattern; and you’ve got your solid linen pillow as a nice backdrop.

And one more example for you orange lovers out there:

blue ikat collage

1.  Nate Berkus Ikat Pillow from Etsy        /         2.  Wavy Navy strip pillow from Etsy         /        3.  Orange velvet pillow from World Market


Do you see the formula at play here?  1) Lead pattern (big pattern, multiple colors – boom!); 2) wavy navy stripe – boom!;  3) bright orange velvet pillow. Bam!


Some of you might be wondering “wait, can’t I pair stripes AND dots?  or different stripes together?!”  Yes.  Yes you can!  Of course you can.  Decorators riff all the time.

But if you just want something straight forward that you KNOW will look nice and you don’t have to worry, this 3-step formula can’t be beat.  It is literally foolproof.



How to mix and match pinterest

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Small Change, Big Impact: Swapping Out a Lamp Shade

I recently stumbled across a page I had ripped out of a Real Simple magazine almost 5 years ago:


The basic gist is that you can change the look of your lamp (and as a result, your entire room!) by just swapping out a lamp shade.

I love this idea – it’s the epitome of “small change, big impact”!


I had forgotten about this Real Simple feature but apparently it stuck somewhere in my brain, because one of the first things I did when I decorated my living room was to swap out my traditional lamp shades for a modern drum shade.

Lamps trad v modern

Okay, some of you might prefer the traditional, almost Asian feel of the shade on the left.  I get it!  Style really is subjective!

But I personally love the one on the right – a straight-up drum shade always reads “on-trend” which can really bring a room up a notch.  (I purchased this particular drum shade from Lamps Plus, btw, and it was only $40!)


What do you think?

I encourage you to look around your own home and see if there aren’t some old lamps that could use a refresh.  My living room is completely different (and much more “design forward”) thanks to that $40 shade!

Lorri Elder Dyner, multiple projects

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