Baby Girl Room: Before & After

Decorating a baby nursery or little girl’s room is a guilty pleasure – it’s the one place you can really lay on the cute factor!



For my daughter Caroline’s room, we went heavy on the pink & green, a color combo near and dear to my heart.

To give you a sense for what we started with, here’s the before photo:

baby girl room before


And here’s the after (from the same angle!):




The room is not 100% done – there’s a little zhushing that still needs to happen (a few accessories and wall hangings).

But it’s pretty darn cute at this point.  And besides, I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you some of my decorating tips and tricks I used. 

#1 Layered Rug

Even though the room already has wall-to-wall carpet, I think layering rugs is a really good idea in decorating.  Makes a room feel whole.  Hence the circular shag rug layered on top.  (This one is from Home Goods).


#2 Moroccan Pouf for Insta-chic

Like that Moroccan pouf look?  Don’t spend top dollar!  I got mine at for less than $100.  (You can read more about my search for discount Moroccan poufs here.)


#3 Pay cash to upholster an old chair.

Okay, custom upholstering even a super old chair isn’t the cheapest thing you will ever do.  BUT did you know if you offer to pay cash you can sometimes get an incredible discount?  I paid significantly less this way.

chair side

#4 “Grown up” accessories can complete a kid’s room.

You don’t usually see fake coral in a kid’s room, or a sophisticated lamp.  But the unexpectedness of both makes the room more interesting.  Not eveything has to be “little kiddo”.

close up lamp

(Coral, lamp and picture frame all from Home Goods!)

#5 Swap out those knobs!

I took a basic, boring kids’ dresser and popped on those adorable ceramic knobs from Anthropologie (swapping out knobs really is one of my favorite tricks):knobs

#6 Spraypaint a light fixture.

This light fixture was all kinds of horrible.  A million colors left it looking very “granny”.  I found it in the clearance area of an online lighting shop (it was about $45).  I spray painted the whole thing white and we now has this great “shabby chic” look as a result.


#7 Get your CUSTOM window treatments on Etsy.

Yes, it’s true.  I ordered these custom roman shades from Etsy, complete with green grosgrain ribbon trim.  They are a bit “homemade” looking, so if you’re looking for perfect lines and a totally polished presentation, they may not be for you.  But I feel like that greek key pattern really makes the room, and I paid a fraction of what I would have paid for a “professional” grade custom window treatment.




Here’s the other side of the room, by the way, with the crib all decked out in more pink and green.



This side is a bit “blah” – needs something on the wall.  I actually have my eye on this Flamingo from the Animal Print Shop, to place over the head of the crib:


Speaking of cribs, here’s the little baby doll crib that I decked out using Caroline’s old crib bumper.

Clever, right?   You can see my how-to video here – it literally took me 15 minutes!


Hope you enjoyed this little before & after peek.  I’ll let you know if I ever get my act together to hang that flamingo art!


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The Better TV Show – My Fun Before & After Segment

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I’ve had a little something up my sleeve… I was recently featured on the Better TV Show!

talking to hosts


Better TV is a fun lifestyle show (with two adorable hosts), and it’s produced by the company that brings us Better Homes & Gardens magazine, hence the same name.

These guys asked me to come in and do a quick spring “Before & After” refresh to their studio.

Here’s what I started with:

better tv before

And after spending just a few bucks and pulling out some of my decorator tricks, this is what it looked like AFTER:



So easy – throw pillows, throw blanket, some accessories and I was DONE.  Oh and how about that fabulous rug from Target?

Take a peek!  Here’s the first two minutes where I explain how I went about the project:


And here’s the big reveal!

I loved showing Better TV’s audience that transforming your living space doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – a concept very near and dear to my heart.

Thank you, Kristina, JD, Michelle and the Better TV crew for inviting me into your studio!

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How to Hide an Ugly Wall Vent

There are many wonderful things about our house.

An abundance of ugly wall vents everywhere you look is not one of them (!!).

Here’s a shot of our dining room a while back, right when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.


See that ugly white wall vent peeking around the chandelier?   Bain of my existence!

So what did I do to disguise it?  I painted it to match my wallpaper.  That’s it!

I thought for sure I was going to wallpaper the vent in the same sandy colored grasscloth that I had just papered my walls.  Just like those people who wallpaper their wall socket and light switch covers.  I thought I was a decorating genius!

But wallpapering doesn’t work well with vents.  I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to cut slices into the wallpaper and then glue the pieces down.  It became a huge mess.



So I hightailed it over to my local paint store and had them custom match a sample of my wallpaper, and the result is actually really terrific.

I KNOW in the pictures you can still see that stupid vent!  But when you walk in the room I swear you do not notice it.

It gets completely lost thanks to the clever paint disguise.




What if my walls are just painted?  The solution for you is easy! Just paint the vents the same color as your walls!  Trust me!  It helps the vent fall away into the background.

What if I have patterned wallpaper?  The solution is obviously much trickier.  I would actually try to steer away from white in most cases – you want the treatment of your wall vent to look deliberate and not like the “manufacturer’s standard”.    Because you want to avoid any focus on the wall vent I would recommend going for the darkest color in the pattern.

So many of those home decor photos you see in magazines and Pinterest are really just fantasy.  The TRUTH in decorating is that 99% of the time you’re dealing with niggling problems like wall vents!  And don’t even get me started on electrical cords…


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How To Paint Your Interior Doors…The Easy Way (Part 2)

I painted the doors to my family room and they look AMAZING!


If you’re thinking about painting your own interior door (or doors!), you can read all about what tools and materials I suggest you use, and what colors to pick, in Part 1 of “How to Paint Your Interior Doors…The Easy Way.”


Today, I’m going to cover Part 2,

“How To Actually Paint The Door”


As it turns out, if you have raised panels on your door, there’s a right way to paint it.

IMG_4384Oh geez.  This is really happening.  No going back now!

1) Paint the middle of each panel first – the flat part.

See how my door has three raised panels on it?  You want to paint those middle parts first.  Start by painting the middle of each raised panel (my favorite part, because they are flat and easy to paint).


2) Paint the insides of each panel so the entire square is now covered.

After painting that flat middle part, you need to cover the beveled part of the panel as well.  You can see a glimpse of what I mean here:


3) Now paint the flat surfaces surrounding the panels.

I absolutely love this graphic from Pretty Handy Girl.  After painting your panels (Step 1) she’s showing you in this picture to paint the flat cris-crosses as Steps 2 and 3.

And go WITH the wood grain, not against it.



Via Pretty Handy Girl

4)  Let dry.  Then repeat!

I’d say three or even four coats should do the trick.


You could theoretically paint your paneled door willy nilly.  I have to say, when I started following this process (Raised panels first!  Then beveled part of panels!  Finally the flat cris-crosses!), my painting looked remarkably better and dare I say even professional.

This project was so easy and successful that I’m basically eyeing every door in the house.  I’ll let you know which one is next…


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