A Living Room Polished UP: Quick Updates Make All the Difference

It really is true that just a few changes can make a huge difference in your living space.  Here are a few photos I snapped of my client Carrie’s space this weekend:


We started with an almost blank space!   But it didn’t take much to transform – in this case, it’s the neutral sofa, the colorful, bright pillows and the strong, design-forward lamp that make the room sparkle.


You may already know I’m a huge fan of finding pillows on Etsy.  The bird pillow is a vintage plumes robert allen Dwell Studio fabric, and the green is Imperial Trellis by Schumacher.  Both found on Etsy!  (And here’s a tip – to cut the price on these pillows you can always request to have one side covered in an inexpensive, neutral linen.)

The yellow pillow is from West Elm.  And that lamp! Oh my, that lamp!  Carrie found it on Horchow at a great discount!  I love it when clients have a great eye and bring their own “oomph” to the situation.  :)

Here’s the other side of the room.  I think the contemporary leather chair with its clean lines is so great juxtaposed next to the traditional molding and fireplace.  It’s always good to mix up styles.



Oh and here’s a quick shot of Carrie’s entry, too.  I saw this lacquered green console in my friend Rachel’s apartment and I KNEW it would be perfect for Carrie!  Sure enough…



The Emma Console from Worlds Away

Carrie needed something strong to go with her magnificent (and huge) navy lamps.  It makes the room absolutely sing, and it tells visitors “something special is going on in this house!”

Here’s that green lacquer close up.  We both love the super deep drawers by the way.  You can store SO MUCH STUFF in there.


In other news…


If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I’ve been sharing a bunch of project photos with you lately.  There’s a reason for this!  I finally started getting my act together and photographing client spaces (and my own spaces!) because I’m actually relaunching my website.  

That’s right!  In just a few weeks, Return To Home will become Lorri Dyner Design.  All the same great content!  Nothing will change on your end except you’ll be automatically directed to a new site.   And my blog?  Well, it’s staying the same!  Just a different look.


I think a little change is good, don’t you?


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A Living Room Transformation: Awesome Before & After

I had the privilege of helping decorate a living room from top-to-bottom recently.  My clients Gali and Mark have the most incredible house – beautiful molding!  Natural light!  High ceilings!  Basically my dream.

But their living room needed some love.  Actually, A LOT of love.

This is what we started with:


And here it is now!  Ta-DA!

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY


Here’s the other side of the room  So fresh!  So hip!  And also classic:

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY


Gali and Mark were my dream clients – they wanted to keep the overall budget down but keep the look high-end, and they weren’t afraid to mix higher-end items with lower-end items (yes!!).

We ended up spending a little extra on WOW-ZA items (like that Gray Malin photograph that we scored at a discount on a One Kings Lane flashsale, or that amazing live-edge reclaimed wood console from these fabulous vendors on Etsy).

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY

But the less expensive items that actually look expensive?  Well, that’s what gets me most excited of course.

  • That gold circular mirror is a total find from CB2;
  • The navy blue X-benches we found at a discount on One Kings Lane;
  • The sea grass rug in the first picture is from Home Decorators (my go-to for sea grass rugs by the way – they look terrific and they are much less expensive than other big retailers);
  • Oh and hello!  Those pillows are ALL from Target and Home Goods (except for one or two that are a little higher end)!


  • Also, one of my FAVORITE tricks is to purchase all the accessories from Target and Home Goods (the topiaries, marble ball and blue boxes in this pic are all from Home Goods):

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY


And the gold sea urchins and throw blanket are from Target:

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY


All the beautiful photos you see here are courtesy of the very talented photographer Susan Fisher.  Susan breathes life into rooms with her incredible eye, and I’ve been so grateful to have found someone with such talent (not to mention patience and stamina!).


Susan in her element

I’m excited to tell you even MORE about our process and how this room came together…. but I have to wait.  Why??  Wellllll, let’s just say I have a little something up my sleeve that I can’t quite tell you about yet.  But stay tuned!

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An Inexpensive Kitchen Refresh: Before & After


I always love a little Before & After, don’t you?


A while back I did a little kitchen “refresh” for Carolyn and Jed, some lovely clients of mine, who wanted to freshen up the space but didn’t want to go crazy spending money.

This is what we started with (no comment!  Sorry, Carolyn!):


The before:  Old fashioned light fixture, yellow walls and a blah breakfast table.

After just a few changes and not a lot of money… BAM!  This is the end result:

dorfman 1


1)  We painted the walls Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore (a barely-there, warm gray that I LOVE – you can read more about it here).

2)  The table!  The table is the most important part!  I love the modern line that IKEA’s Docksta brings to any kitchen, and I swear it’s the only kitchen table you will ever want or need.  (I actually created an entire Pinboard devoted to this table called “Docksta, Docksta, gimme the news“.  I know, I am a huge dork!).

dorfman 3


3) Playing on the “simplicity theme” we did a black & white photo gallery wall using frames from IKEA.  (And you can get really cheap and LARGE black & white photos printed at Costco, in case you didn’t know that already).  Carolyn really ran with it, completing the gallery wall in a few days and injecting color with the “family rules” wall hanging which I think is perfect!

photo 1


4)  Finally, almost any light fixture from West Elm these days is going to be a perfect answer to a casual, modern breakfast area.

close up light

So there you have it, a kitchen refresh in four easy steps.  If you’re looking to revamp your own kitchen dining space and you don’t want to spend a lot of $$$, here are some tips:

1)  When in doubt, paint the walls.  They always say – it’s one of the cheapest ways to completely transform a room.  I would venture further to say “When in doubt, paint your walls a light, warm gray!”

2) Swap out your breakfast table for something fresh and modern.  (NOT clunky and traditional and dark wood.)

3) Keep the rest of the decor clean and easy.  A few family black & white photos are often a perfect design solution.

4) Think about swapping out your light fixture for something a little edgier.  CB2, West Elm and Target are all awesome places to find modern, funky lighting for less money.  In decorating, the kitchen (and the bathroom!) is the place to let loose a little!

kitchen 5

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You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gourd Lamp

In my opinion, decorating can come easy if you just realize that you can’t go wrong with a few elements.

Today, I’m making your life easy.  Just purchase a gourd lamp and call it a day!  I’m telling you, no matter what your home looks like, you can’t go wrong with a gourd lamp!

Lorri Elder Dyner, multiple projects


What is a gourd lamp?   They are lamps that are ceramic, sculptural and modern:

teal gourd


Via Christopher Spitzmiller


Designers use these lamps all the time (open  up an interior design magazine and I guarantee you’ll see at least a few!).

Why are they so popular?  First of all, these lamps work with virtually any style and any aesthetic (how easy does THAT make your life?).

These lamps also bring a room up to today – they are sleek and have clean lines.

And my favorite part is that you can find gourd lamps at ALL different price points.

On the higher end, this is the gorgeous “Nelson” lamp from Jonathan Adler, priced at $595:

Lorri Elder Dyner, multiple projects

The Nelson Table Lamp, Jonathan Adler

You can also get it in white for a bit cheaper.

A great example of high-mid-range lamp is the red Nia table lamp for about $240 from Lulu & Georgia:

red nia table lamp

The Nia Table Lamp, Lulu & Georgia

And possibly my favorite part of the gourd lamp is that you can get the same look for a fraction of the price.  

Check out this gorgeous silver Eva “double gourd” from Wayfair.com for about $90:


silver lamp

Eva Double Gourd Lamp, Set of 2, Wayfair.com,  ~$176 for 2

And on Overstock.com, I am obsessed with these mossy green lamps that are only $80 each!!

green mae long neck

Mae Long Neck Table Lamps, Overstock.com ~$160 for 2

For really great prices, check out your local Target and Home Goods for gourd lamps as well.  That’s where you’ll find lamps for less than $60, and still really beautiful.

target extra large gourd

Extra Large Gourd Lamp, Target.com, $49.99

For those of us overwhelmed by all the decorating choices out there, isn’t it nice to know you can just pick ONE LAMP and you know that it will work?

lindsay coral harperDesign by Lindsay Coral Harper

[Did you ALSO know you can’t go wrong with a sea grass rug or a bamboo shade…?]

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