Just a Girl in Search of a Red Bamboo Chair


Ever since I first laid eyes on Michelle Adams’ living room in an old issue of Domino Magazine, I just knew I would have a red bamboo chair in my life some day:


When I started to decorate my new dining room, I finally decided it was time to scratch that itch and get some red bamboo chairs already.

In general, they are hard to find and so expensive.  The Jonathan Adler Chippendale Side Chair, as an example, is $650!

I ended up finding these wonderful chairs on Charlotte & Ivy for much less than that.  I love the chair – great lines – but it was driving me crazy.  The red just wasn’t VA-VOOM enough!!

bamboo chair before

So, of course, I spraypainted those suckers.  A bright ferrari red.

photo 1


photo 2

I got that fabulous “distressed gray washed” pedestal table on sale at Ballard Designs, by the way, and I just love it.

red bamboo chair two


I still need drapes!  And should I re-cover those seats??

So much more to do, but I love that this room is finally starting to come together…

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Anthropologie has a garden store?

Okay, it’s not an Anthropologie store per se, but the garden store Terrain in Westport, CT is owned by the same folks who have brought us Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

outside terrain




The result is brilliant.

shop terrain



It’s a serious nursery with all sorts of garden-y stuff.

photo 2



And on the inside, Terrain has this rustic-industrial vibe going on.  The meandering, overflowing displays remind me of an Urban Outfitters or an Anthropologie.   You can tell they all came from the same family.

casa sugarVia


They have tons of “found” objects:

photo 2 (14)


Succulents abound at Terrain.  They are very “in” right now:

photo 4


And plenty of things that are rare, or unusual, or just plain hard to find.

Like this copper lantern with a wood base.  Yeah, you’re not finding that at Home Depot.

terrain 4


Oh, see?  Rare, Unusual, Hard to Find.

photo 1 (9)


This kind of cracked me up.  Tire swing, only $200!

terrain 5


I was actually drooling over this wood.  Do you know how HARD it is to find pretty wood?  You can put it in a big basket next to your fire place.

terrain 3


I would recommend visiting!  And if you can’t make it to Westport, there’s always www.shopterrain.com.

photo 3 (11)

Don’t you love retail spaces that transport you to another world?  And offer you goods you’ve never seen before?  A rare and unusual find, indeed. 


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Yes, you CAN find a cheaper Adirondack Chair!

I never understood why so many people on the East Coast have Adirondack chairs in their yards.  

But now I get it!  They are sturdy and comfortable outdoor chairs; just a great place to park while you watch the kids play, or have a glass of wine with your spouse.  And they’re handsome!

Chairs on Deck Facing Ocean


But oh man, have you seen the PRICE TAG on these chairs?!  A real Adirondack chair will set you back about $300 per chair.

Even the “cheaper” versions are about $140, and that doesn’t include tax and shipping.

yellow lowes


From Lowe’s for $137

I just really really didn’t want to spend any real money in this part of our home.  You know that feeling?

Weeks of endless internet searching coupled with Craiglist stalking left me feeling bereft.

But THEN I finally found chairs at The Home Depot for $38.  I walked right by and there they were.  Woo hoo!


Okay, so there are trade-offs here.   If it’s $38, you’d better believe you have to BUILD the chairs, and of course they come unfinished.

But I was actually excited to use this grass green paint I had left over.

photo 2

This project is NOT complicated.  But it took some time!  In this case, I really enjoyed the solitude of painting each piece individually during nap time, and then finally bolting the pieces together when I was done.

photo 1-2

Don’t look too closely.  There are parts I forgot to paint!

photo 2-2

I LOVE it when I can find or make something that is usually $$$$$ but it only costs me $.   Such a great feeling.


photo 4


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The Only Kitchen Table You Will Ever Want or Need

Dear readers, I bring to you today the only kitchen table you will ever want or need.

Okay I don’t REALLY know that.  But I bet a lot of you could really use something like the Docksta.

IKEA’s Docksta table, for $199:



Via IKEA.com 


Bright, beautiful, retro-modern…and CHEAP!




But this is where it gets fun.  You can literally choose just about any chair and pair it with the Docksta, and it looks fabulous.  Perky green chairs.  Love!





White, modern.  Very scandinavian and serious.




Wood looks gorgeous with the Docksta.




And even close-to-my-heart Chinoiserie looks stunning next to the Docksta’s clean lines.




And look!  Surrounded by traditional elements (not to mention a bright pink banquet), the Docksta holds its own..and adds a real pop.




It works in high-end kitchens…



Perky kitchens…




Preppy kitchens!




This is some serious high-end design going on with the Docksta taking center stage…



Okay, and who said the Docksta has to stay WHITE?  This design genius painted her Docksta with black chalkboard paint. I die!




Now, I will tell you – the Docksta is small so measure please before you pull the trigger!  It comfortably fits 4 chairs!  But when it fits…oh it’s decorating magic.



Oh, dear Docksta.  You are the design gift that keeps giving.

Want more Docksta inspiration?  See my pin board Docksta Docksta Gimme the News

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